Senran Kagura Picture Book Review

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Review

Also known as Haganai, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is a lighthearted harem-comedy with a few dramatic tones. The premise is simple: two lonely high school students establish an after school club dedicated to making friends. This isn't surprising, considering the title translates to "I don't have many friends." It's a simple setup but one that, like many Japanese harem anime, has potential. Unfortunately, also like most of other harems, the premise is mostly squandered.

The story revolves around Kodaka Hasegawa, a recent transfer student who is having a hard time making friends due to his thugish looking blonde hair, whose color he gets from his mother. Kodaka is quickly labeled a degenerate by his peers, and things get worse as he bumbles his way to a bad first impression. Beyond his exterior, Kodaka is just an average male student, which again is pretty common for harem leads. Normally, most harem leads are blank canvases and quite stoic, but Kodaka makes for a somewhat decent protagonist by comparison, though he's hardly anything special.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Maken-Ki! OVA 2

I rather enjoyed the original run of Maken-Ki! It was a simple show with some fairly overdone anime tropes, but it got me invested into its characters and made me laugh enough to leave a good impression upon me. Obviously, I was delighted to learn that a second season had been announced, but my delight didn't come without reservations. The original studio who produced the animation was no longer going to be handling the series, and instead, Xebec would take over. These are the folk behind a couple of other series I've reviewed (Ladies vs. Butlers! and To Love-Ru Darkness) and if you've read my review of To Love-Ru Darkness, then you'd know why I was a little skeptical about this whole ordeal.

The second OVA of Maken-Ki! is the first product of Xebec's sole work on the series, and honestly, I sort of enjoyed it. If I had to sum the whole thing up in one phrase, it would be "shameless but fun." The fanservice is off the charts, and the whole premise is nothing more than a set up to show some breasts and panties. However, Maken-Ki! always did have that as part of its element, and OVAs these days are usually nothing more than fanservice anyway. The real test will be how the actual second season turns out. Fingers crossed there.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Update: Changes have arrived

Changes have come to the site. In order to simplify both the site and my work load, I decided to do away with both portals and all episodic reviews. Why you ask? Well, having just made a review for Vanquished Queens and then realizing I would need to make a portal page just for it, I decided that portals were becoming a bit much. As for removing the episodic reviews, well most importantly, it removes the clutter to highlight the reviews that really matter. Plus, as stated in the previous update, I don't plan on doing anymore episodic reviews in the future anyway.

It pains me to lose a huge portion of my previous work, but ultimately, I feel it's for the best. You may notice a few other changes to the site such as the layout. I may attempt further changes to the site as well. No, I'm not done reviewing anime yet. I still plan to do full series, movie, OVA and video reviews when I find the time. It will be slow, but check back from time to time to see what's going on. In the meantime, enjoy the holidays.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Vanquished Queens Review

Vanquished Queens is a two part OVA series that melds together characters from both the original Queen's Blade series and its follow up, Rebellion. The first OVA focuses on Tomoe, Nowa, Branwen and Dogura, while the second focuses on Airi, Laila and Nanael. As a visual book, Vanquished Queens is not consider cannon, and as an OVA series, I have no clue to what to make of it nor where it falls in the Queen's Blade timeline, if it even does at all.

While a large majority of the cast from both series are completely absent, the few that are here are well represented. Queen's Blade has a huge roster, so with only two OVAs to work with, it was a wise decision to trim it down considerably in order to allow these characters to grow. In particular, it was good to see Branwen and Laila develop, as they were two of the more underused ones in Rebellion, but the real treat was to see the return of Nanael-sama!